SNATURE #02: When ‘his’ ‘story’ becomes ‘history’…

Summer of 2013 at a hotel in Las Vegas, a man walks in with an affable smile wearing short sleeve T-shirt and shorts. That was my first encounter with singer-songwriter DK Soul in front of the elevator in the hotel where a film production was taking place. His dream of “singing one’s life and what my heart wants to say,” which can be considered grandiose and hackneyed, had advanced every year after our bond.

His story that people can sympathize with, constant concerts, continuous contact and communication with fans – What was DK Soul trying to deliver in his music with just these three?

He says music has been always a tough homework for him. The reason is because it is not easy to constantly close in the gap between the music that everyone loves, and the music that satisfies him, and finding the answer within.

However, one thing is clear. In order to receive applause and prove his authenticity in his performance to the public, his story should feel close to the public and touch the public constantly to make ‘his’ ‘story’ into ‘history’. “I sing one’s life and what my heart wants to say” is the principle that follows with DK Soul’s music.

Min Ryu Chief Producer of RYU Ent.

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