Recently, there have been a lot of talks about the new concept magazine ‘LUPE’ made by a group of young photographers, art directors and editors. Webzine ‘LUPE’ uses few SNS channels to communicate with the public through pictures and interviews of celebrities and other various fashion information topics.

Jun Shim, the chief editor of this webzine, is providing a new trend every week with celebrities from various areas using new concepts and trends. Recently in Korea, active movement for various content development and the specialists in different Cultural Arts field cooperating together is becoming a new trend. Meanwhile, with the worldwide spreading of Korean Wave and its progression, Entertainment industry is starting a new challenge of entering a new field of Cultural Arts for wide and efficient entertainment business.

Jun Shim, an artist originating from United States, expanded his existing working field in America to Korea. He started his full-fledged activity with the webzine ‘LUPE’ and by using various group of artists and discovering influential trendy hot items and celebrities through various​ attempts suggested a sense of direction to the visual contents.

This kind of attempt is prospected to bring more challenges to the different groups of artists in this digital era where it is easier for the consuming of global culture contents to go worldwide beyond the boundary of the country. Meanwhile, the expectation for bringing more fresh contents in Hallyu in the future is growing due to the various communications of those from overseas.

Min Ryu Producer, RYU Entertainment

<ORIGINAL SOURCE : http://heraldk.com/en/2015/05/15/culture-city-lupe-magazine/>


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